Welcome to Three Smiles

I know that being a parent or carer of a child or an adult with disabilities and additional needs can be tough, tiring and stressful. I am one myself.

And that’s why I have created Three Smiles.

I want to help remove some of the stress you feel by offering personalised resources, tools and advice for children and adults with disabilities and additional needs.

For an example of what I mean, why not download and print my sheet to help children wipe their own bottom – as a mum of there children, I know that this is a problem.

Download Going for a Poo for FREE

I am currently working with my husband in our kitchen crafting this new website.

Check back again soon or contact me if you would like to know when I launch the site fully.

With my very best wishes,


Fill in the form below to join the list of people wanting to hear when this site goes live fully.

Until then.



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